My name is Paweł Bojanowski and I’m a software engineer based in Warsaw.

I started my career in 2016 in Risen., web and mobile software consulting company, where I was responsible for building backends for those, usually using Django & Django REST Framework, as most of the backends were just JSON-based web APIs.

After almost two years I joined Unit9, pretty cool digital, innovative production studio; I worked on few projects there, mostly web game backends with OnePlus Crackables as a highlight on my time there.

For almost two years I worked at Sauce Labs, where I was part of Core Services team, working mostly in Python & Go microservices deployed into public & private Kubernetes clusters.

Right now, I’m part of Elotl Inc., where we’re building Nodeless Kubernetes and other amazing tools to ease infra management, enable multi-cluster, multi-cloud environments and reduce infra cost.